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This site offers cards for all kinds of occasions. Blue mountain cards lets you create cards as per your choice of design and gives you more freedom than most other e greetings providers. The concept of e greetings is to use the internet medium to express our feelings on special days thereby conserving paper and in the process saving lot of trees and one of the first to adopt such a concept are Blue Mountain cards. Blue Mountain cards also provides the system of reminders where important days can be marked on the calendar and stored and when the day arrives they automatically mail you to remind you of the occasion so that you can then choose amongst the various cards available in the collection or make one of your own and send it thereby not letting you miss any occasion. Blue Mountain cards lets your create your own personalized account which can be fed with all the important calendar dates and occasions and using its services you can always keep track and choose the right way to express your wishes to people on time.

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